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An inverter is often termed as the brain of a solar power system because it converts DC current obtained from the solar panels to AC current which is then used by your home/business appliances and it converts voltage received from solar panels to the desired amount of voltage needed by your each electrical appliance. Furthermore, solar inverters are the ones who export surplus electricity back to your power grid.

Fronius Inverters

A unique aspect about Fronius inverters is the SnapINverter technology. It’s a standardised wall mounted bracket with the inverter on a hinge system. This enables easy access for servicing as the inverter opens like a car boot, without needing to be removed from the wall.

Solis Inverter

Solis inverter is one of the very few inverters that entered the Australian solar market in its first phase when the solar system’s demand was on the peak. The name “Solis” was come by the Latin word “sol solis” which refers to a “SUN.” The Solis inverter has made its existence amid many other prominent inverters with its experienced and skilled engineers. This Solis inverter review will illustrate its long journey of 20 years in the field of research and development in the technical category, which has achieved the success of being one of the best solar systems available in Australia.

GoodWe Inverter

GoodWe inverters won’t perform as well as micro-inverters or power optimiser solutions in partly shaded conditions. If there are trees above your roofline on the North, East or West side of your house then it would be worth discussing the pros and cons of an alternatives with Solar Choice before making a decision on technology.

Sungrow Inverter

Sungrow is one of the few companies offering solar inverters designed for residential, commercial and utility-scale grid-tie systems, as well as both small and large scale energy storage inverters. This motivation to help supply renewable energy was the foundation for one of the most successful inverter manufacturers around the world.

SMA Inverter

Germany’s SMA has a history of more than 35 years in the development of power inverters for residential, commercial and utility scale solar and wind energy applications – far longer than most of its competitors. Inventor of the world’s first string inverter, the SMA inverter has been the quality benchmark in the solar inverter industry for decades.

Enphase Inverter

Enphase Energy is a US-headquartered manufacturer specialising in the development of microinverters for the solar market. Enphase microinverters are miniaturised inverters that work on a per-panel level. It’s a very different approach to a single string inverter working with multiple solar panels, as is more commonly the case with solar power system installations.
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